The Hearing Ep

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Has been pencilled in for an August release (iTunes takes six weeks to upload)

so … y’know thats something to look forward to innit


The Next Release ..

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I got the master of  The Hearing Ep on Tuesday and havnt stooped listening to it since, it is an amzing slab of post rock


go add them http://www.myspace.com/thehearing

Gonna update this daily even if i have nowt to say ……

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Im pretty taken by the new bus’ in Cov they are shiny and spacey ….. its the small things.


We have a label sampler in the pipeline which will feature tracks we have previously released about to be released and stuff set for the future, getting the final tracklist and artwork sorted over the next few weeks. Gonna send out a few emails to see if anyone else wants in on this label football tournament and gauge some magazine intrest to cover it if it all looks good im gonna get on it